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We use the Infopoint to provide you with sales-relevant information about the Siemens Procurement Network, such as procurement guidelines, ordering conditions and information about our supplier management system. You can also learn more about our Purchasing Councils at the Infopoint. Purchasing Councils, which consist of representatives from a variety of Operating Groups/Regions, determine strategies for material fields and conclude corporate agreements.

Communicate Worldwide

Reduce your advertising costs (Advanced Business Service package only)

Communicate worldwide and inform the Siemens users relevant to your business about news such as special offers and organizational changes.The News function enables you to update all relevant Siemens users quickly and cost-effectively about new developments such as special offers and organizational changes. Corporate presentations, product sheets and pricelists can also be stored here as files. A period of validity that determines how long each news item remains visible to Siemens is specified for each new entry. Users at Siemens are then notified automatically via e-mail of new items submitted by suppliers in their material fields.

Communication Areas

Optimize communication with your Siemens customers

Use the communication areas to securely share information and documents with your Siemens customers (e.g. for contract preparation).Siemens users are able to invite colleagues and one or more suppliers into a protected communication area. These areas, which are similar to the familiar internet newsgroups, enable efficient, reliable and secure communication between selected users and can therefore also be used to share confidential information such as contract documents and technology roadmaps. Password-protected access and 128-bit encryption ensure a high level of data security. These protected areas simplify everyday communication with your contacts at Siemens and thus lead to process improvements on both sides.