Global Value Sourcing

Global Value Sourcing and favorable prices are not a passing fad. It is the logical consequence of developing markets worldwide. Six benefits stand for Global Value Sourcing and will help keep Siemens one step ahead of the competition.

Lower Total Costs

The current factor costs play an important role. The challenge we solve is: How can we get the supplied products on a continuing basis for the lowest total costs for Siemens? This task is at the heart of Global Value Sourcing.

Innovation in Emerging Markets

Knowledge transfer, investment and joint ventures in emerging markets sustainably strengthen the regional innovative power and stability. It also strengthens us because we have an important local presence.

Natural Hedging

As diverse as the supplier countries are, their risks are just as diverse with the currency risk being first and foremost. We create added value for Siemens with the reciprocal flows of merchandise and the money in balance. The slogan is: Buy where we sell.

Supply Security

In the future we will increasingly find the core markets for our purchased parts in emerging countries. By investing in strong partnerships in these countries today, we ensure access to the important resources of tomorrow.

Local Content

Customer proximity put into practice and short paths across the whole supply chain - this is a basic requirement for lasting business relationships especially in Global Value Sourcing countries.

Siemens’ Global Image

A strong local presence simplifies access to rapidly growing markets. This presence includes a solid purchasing network in addition to our own local value added operation. Our goal is to become an inherent part of the local economy.