The SGT-400 industrial gas turbine is a blend of 20 years experience and the latest combustion technologies. It offers a power output of 12.90 MWe for power generation and 13.40 MW for mechanical drive configuration. Its twin-shaft arrangement for both power generation and mechanical drive allows commonality of parts in mixed duty installations. The SGT-400 is available as a factory-assembled package and provides an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

Technical data

Gas Turbine SGT-400

Mech. Drive output: 18000 bhp  

Gen Power terminals: 12.2 MWe  

Frequency: 50/60 Hz  

Electrical efficiency: 34,8%  

Heat rate: 10,355 Kj/ KW-hr  

Speed: 9'500 rpm  

Compressor pressure ratio: 16.8:1  

Exhaust gas flow: 39.4 Kg/s  

Exhaust   temperature 555ºC 

In industrial power generation the SGT-400 gas turbine is an efficient unit used in the following fields of application:

  •    simple cycle applications

  •    combined cycle applications

  •    combined heat and power (CHP)

  •    power generation for the oil and gas industry

  •    onshore power generator for oil field service, refineries etc.

  •    offshore platforms and FPSO vessels

Core engine key performance and capabilities:

  •     DLE for Gas, Liquid and Dual  Fuel applications 

  •     Small engine weight and footprint

  •     Highest  efficiency gas turbine core in its class with 36.2% efficiency at shaft output.

  •     Proven experience in mechanical drive and power generation applications

  •     Excellent steam raising capability and CHP total energy efficiency