Social programs

Smart City Club

Smart City – smart city technologies

The project aims to inform residents of the Ukrainian cities how to make their cities cleaner and more convenient for living. We talk about the latest technologies in the field of energy efficiency, clean air and water, construction of buildings, public transportation, waste management, safety and health, as well as acquaint our subscribers with the best prentices and implemented eco-friendly Siemens projects in the world's largest metropolitan areas.

Generation 21

Generation 21

Our initiative "Generation 21" is an extensive long-term educational program to support gifted children and youth.

Education is one of the main human needs and a prerequisite for individual and social development. The future of any society depends largely on the quality of science and technical education.  That is why we support education, science and technology aimed at finding and supporting talented youth.

Caring Hands

Caring Hands

In order to solve various social problems the global corporate program "Caring Hands" was launched in 2005.

Our commercial success obliges us to contribute to regional development and to give back to the community. And we consistently comply with this principle, embodying it into practice through sponsorship, charity, as well as through our products and know-how.

When selecting projects we rely on such criteria as feasibility, transparency, and long-term effects. This means that selected projects have the potential to improve living conditions. Chances of success of these projects have to be high, and the results should be verifiable. Selected projects and partners should benefit children, young people or socially disadvantaged people.

Support of Culture and Arts

Arts and Culture Programs

Culture is an important aspect of social identity and social life: whether it is cultural heritage or modern multi-faceted cultural life of countries, regions, cities and communities. Supporting culture and arts, we help to satisfy social needs and aspirations. We support culture and arts in all countries where Siemens operates. This is our contribution to strengthening the attractiveness of regions and cities, which is intended to benefit society and, at the same time, benefit our company.