Support of Culture and Arts

Поддержка культуры и искусства

Culture is an important aspect of social identity and social life: whether it is cultural heritage or modern multi-faceted cultural life of countries, regions, cities and communities. Supporting culture and arts, we help to satisfy social needs and aspirations. We support culture and arts in all countries where Siemens operates. This is our contribution to strengthening the attractiveness of regions and cities, which is intended to benefit society and, at the same time, benefit our company.

Besides others, in the framework of this program Siemens Ukraine implemented the following initiatives:

  1. Support for cultural activities in the framework of "German Weeks 2013" , in particular sponsorship of organization of performance of the Berlin Philharmonic String Quartet

  2. Sponsorship for production and premiere of Richard Wagner's opera "The Flying Dutchman" (Donetsk Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after  Solovyanenko, 2012). This performance was being prepared for about two years and was dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of the composer