Siemens Arts Program

Siemens Arts Program set up in 1987 and acting today in many countries of the world is the cornerstone of Siemens’ cultural sponsorship activities. For the most part, it supports projects and artists that advance contemporary and experimental art forms.

Siemens Arts Program implements the international program aimed at supporting modern arts and culture. In the framework of this program Siemens cooperates with various independent organizations working in cultural sphere. The main purpose of Siemens Arts Program is to present innovative tendencies in arts by focusing on coexistence of society and culture.

Siemens Arts Program in cooperation with other organizations realized various projects in arts, music, history and history of arts in particular. The breadth of activities ranges from exhibitions, theatre projects and festivals, performances and concerts, symposia, publications and internet projects right up to unusual event formats that widen the diversity of forms of cultural communication.