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Affiliated Companies

Certain companies form a part of our activities in the Energy, Healthcare, Industry and Infrastructure & Cities Sectors, but the results have not been consolidated. Examples are Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and Siemens Industry Software.

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
Having Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics N.V. as part of its healthcare portfolio enables Siemens Belgium-Luxembourg to offer a wider range of performance-focused diagnostic solutions for more efficient diagnosis, monitoring and controlling of pathologies. The offering of in-vitro diagnostics is aimed at improving clinical results, streamlining the workflow and ramping up the operational effectiveness of clinical laboratories. The aim is to find the happy medium between science, technology and practical application so that healthcare professionals can be given the information that is of critical importance to them.

Siemens Industry Software
Siemens Industry Software is part of the Industry Sector. The company supplies PLM software and services in data management, collaboration and product design. Product Lifecycle Management is an essential element of companies’ business strategy; this enables them to manage the full lifecycle of their product digitally, from concept to end product. Siemens offers customers PLM solutions that help to lower product costs and reduce the time to market. By exchanging knowledge globally and working closely with the customer, Siemens helps to make the ‘build anywhere, with anybody’ strategy a reality.

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