1. Brands and trading names that appear on the Siemens.be website

All names, logos and other insignia that appear on the Siemens.be website are brands and/or trading names that belong to Siemens and are protected by law. Any use thereof is prohibited without written permission by Siemens.

2. Copyright and the rights of a producer of a databank
This site, as well as all its contents such as the texts, layout, photos, etc. is both a creation that is protected by copyright and a databank to which Siemens holds the copyright as well as the rights of the producer of the databank. Any utilization thereof such as copying, changing, translating, etc. in part or as a whole, is prohibited without written permission from Siemens.

3. Liability for the content of the Siemens.be website
Siemens created and designed this website with the utmost care. It can however not be held liable for any inaccurate information. Siemens shall be entitled to amend the published information at any time without any prior notice.

4. Viruses
Siemens takes the utmost care at a technical level to avoid viruses. The Siemens website contains links to other websites. Under no circumstances can Siemens be held responsible for viruses on these other websites.

5. Additional conditions
These conditions supplement the other Siemens conditions which you can find on this site. These conditions may be changed by Siemens and/or be expanded without any prior notice.