Tell Us

In order to justify the trust placed in Siemens by customers, partners, shareholders and employees, the integrity and transparency of business processes is the top priority. For this, it is essential for Siemens to find out about any compliance breaches, in particularly violations of the Siemens Business Conduct Guidelines. The “tell us” function provides the opportunity for submitting reports worldwide, 24/7 either online or by telephone, and in any of up to 150 languages. Siemens employees and managers as well as customers, suppliers and other Siemens business partners can contact the Compliance Helpdesk “tell us”. The Call Center and the Website facilities are operated by an external provider specializing in the secure and confidential handling of sensitive content. Incoming reports are not traced, neither is the sender automatically registered.

Especially important is the responsible use of the Helpdesk. The content of the report will be forwarded by the service provider to the Siemens Corporate Compliance Office for clarification. The decision about further proceeding is taken there. Confidentiality is guaranteed in any case.

With the “tell us” function, the Compliance Helpdesk represents a sensible, global-level extension to the Ombudsman, and Siemens provides an additional point of contact with “tell us”.