Corporate Citizenship

Charitable activities: “Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs”

Siemens is one of the founding members and structural sponsors of “Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs”. “Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs” is a network in which, on the one hand, companies interested in the South are represented, and on the other, approved NGOs for development collaboration with economically responsible projects.

Since 2004 we have supported various projects introduced to us by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. We primarily focus on projects in Africa, and more specifically on the countries where we have an active export business. We aim to achieve more in these countries than just doing business responsibly: our hope is that we can also contribute to better living conditions.

Our employees

People are the difference. Only with excellent and motivated people can Siemens meet its customers’ expectations and those of its investors, and even exceed them.

Lifelong learning is a given in the global village. For that reason Siemens develops challenging training and educational programs which focus on strategic knowledge and skills.