Closer to our customers

Siemens wants to be a strong local partner for our customers all over the world. Siemens Belgium-Luxembourg therefore also strives to offer customers maximum added value. We are expanding our services portfolio both in our export markets and domestically and we are also making work of professional account and project management.

Growing export markets

Siemens Belgium-Luxembourg has traditionally had a strong footprint in Africa, and particularly in Algeria, North Africa and Central Africa. We had success in these markets in 2011 as well.

The Healthcare Sector – after many years and patient investment in Central Africa – was able to take very important orders for the hôpital du Cinquantenaire in Kinshasa during this past fiscal.

However, in North Africa – because of the Arab Spring – many projects have seen substantial delays, have been postponed or temporarily suspended. We trust that more changes will take place here in years to come.

For Siemens Belgium-Luxembourg these markets - in contrast to the mature Western market – offer leverage to growth. We try to give it our all through our strong local presence, our willingness to cooperate with others, our long-term engagement, our language proficiencies and our focus on innovation.

Internationally too Siemens is focusing on growth countries. Here the demand for economical products and services tailored to local consumer requirements is particularly strong. To face up to these challenges, Siemens has launched the SMART initiative: Simple, Maintenance-friendly, Affordable, Reliable, Timely-to-market. A good example of this initiative’s success in the arena of industrial automation is the SIMATIC Smart HMI system. HMI stands for human-machine interface: a key component in the management and control of industrial automation processes.

Engaged partner

By Siemens Belgium-Luxembourg committing itself to Africa for the long run, we not only prove that we are serious about building long-term customer relations, our company is also one of the founding members of the Corporate Funding Program. This NFP links up businesses and NGOs that promote sustainable business practices in the South. Via the Corporate Funding Program we provide structural support to divergent development programs in Africa every year.

Expanding our services offering

To ensure that we remain close to our customers, we at Siemens Belgium-Luxembourg constantly work on better service delivery for them. Our aim is to achieve ongoing customer satisfaction so that we are the logical first choice for future investments. Not only does our sales organization make an effort to maintain close relations with our customers, but our service employees have the same brief. Their knowledge of our customers, which is indispensable for rendering topnotch service, separates us from many of our competitors. Service delivery is then also a key component in our growth strategy.

Strengthening our customer focus

Successful customer support requires excellent employees, an efficient organization and effective methods. Only when these three aspects reinforce one another are we able to set up strategic cooperation with our customers and create tangible added value.

That is why Siemens is working on:

  • Continuity in structures and processes. Our account managers are responsible for a customer for a period of five to ten years.

  • Approaching customers as an organic unit. Our account managers aim to offer direct, local support to our customers globally.

  • Growing and expanding our expertise. We invest in the training and development of all employees who come into contact with our customers.

In Belgium-Luxembourg we can see that our efforts are paying off. According to the Net Promoter Score, customer satisfaction is increasing year by year.

Harnessing the power of an integrated technology company

As an integrated technology company we are enjoying the spoils of our global footprint, our financial strength, the power of our brand and our innovativeness. And last but not least, of the expertise, dedication and diversity of our many employees.