Siemens’ unique strength

To be counted among the cream of the crop, one has to stand a cut above the rest always and everywhere. This requires exceptional employees. We can be rightly proud of an excellent, motivated and expert team.

Our company encourages employees to develop, makes sure everyone has equal opportunity, and encourages cooperation across all borders. Unambiguous integrity is a given. We expect our employees, suppliers and customers alike to abide by certain binding principles.

Lifelong learning and development encouraged

One of Siemens’ biggest assets? Our employees. Their expertise, skills and dedication makes Siemens in Belgium and Luxembourg the company it is today. To grow this asset, we encourage lifelong learning. The intention here is not only to hone the knowledge of our employees, but also to encourage them to embrace their pioneer spirit and show their willingness to take on more responsibility.

In 2011 Siemens invested about 251 million euros in training and development globally, which translates into about 608 euros per person. The world over we give employees at all levels the opportunity to live up to their full potential like this.

Efforts start the minute young talent joins our company. We maintain close contact with respected universities and educational institutions.

And finding the right people for the right job at the right time remains an ongoing important requirement for business success in the long term. After all, the better people are prepared for their responsibilities, the happier they are and the harder they work. The Siemens Leadership Framework helps to match the right profiles to the right jobs. It allows for systematic definition of all conditions for vacancies and to compare them to employee profiles that have been compiled in line with international standards.

Encouraging our diverse and engaged employees throughout the world

Employees in 140 countries make up the Siemens workforce. The company aims to have diversity in its labor force. Versatile teams of employees who have a rich arsenal in skills, experience and qualifications strengthen our ability to innovate.

We use our Guiding Principles for Promoting and Managing Diversity to approach our diversity goal systematically. It contains guidelines that are binding for our company worldwide.

One indicator of diversity is the number of women in management positions. In 2011 this figure was 14.6 % at Siemens. For the purpose of encouraging networking among female executives, we established the Global Leadership Organization for Women in 2009. Globally Siemens has more than ten active GLOW organizations, established by women in leadership positions. In 2011 GLOW@BeLux also came into being. The program for 2012 focuses on mentoring and networking. Specialized training courses and focused communication will be utilized in support of these aims.

Other than equality between the sexes, Siemens in Belgium and Luxembourg is also working on the balance between different generations and cultures. By engaging diversified talent, we aim to strengthen the creativity and competitiveness of our company.

Integrity as hallmark

We place particular value on fair competition. Everywhere in the world we make an effort to comply with all laws and regulations. Doing business ethically is part and parcel of our corporate culture. We do not compromise on this at all. We have formulated transparent and binding principles of conduct and take a firm and unambiguous stance in the fight against corruption.

We also step up to the plate to assume our responsibility in society, both toward people and the environment. Health and safety at work, and protecting our natural resources are different pillars of doing business as far as Siemens is concerned. Each pillar is contained in our Business Conduct Guidelines, which guide the behavior of our employees.

Doing business fairly means that the same rules should apply for all the players. Throughout the world we enter into project-specific undertakings with our partners and competitors, customers and suppliers, to ensure transparent tender processes and to stand up to bribery with tenders in the public sector.

With a budget of 100 million dollars, the Siemens Integrity Initiative aims to promote ongoing development of fair competition over the next 15 years. The initiative finances NGOs worldwide who fight for ethical trade and are out to root out corruption. In the first round of financing we supported 31 projects in 20 countries. Some of the beneficiaries are organizations such as Instituto Ethos in Brazil, who is fighting for more transparency with the awarding of contracts for infrastructure for the Football World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016 in Brazil. In Europe, one of the recipients is the brand new International Anti-Corruption Academy in Vienna. This institute has been given funds by us to research the fighting of corruption and the training and education of anticorruption experts.