Vision, values and strategy

Our values

Our values - Responsible - Excellent - Innovative - have been the basis for Siemens' success for over 160 years.

Responsible means that we are committed to ethical and responsible actions.
Our excellence is based on achieving high performance and excellent results.
We choose for innovation to create sustainable value.

Our strategy

To be the pioneer of our time – that’s the vision that motivates us in everything we do. And our strategy shows us how to make it a reality. We’re aiming to capture and maintain leading market and technology positions in all our businesses in order to achieve sustainable profitable growth and, thus, continually increase our company value.

Our strategy is reflected in our three strategic directions:


One Siemens

Siemens occupies outstanding positions in many markets. Our actions are driven by market dynamics and therefore also by the requirements of our customers. We want to continually outperform our competitors and, as market leader, set the standards for operating and financial performance in our industries. With a financial target system and the goal of continuous improvement relative to the market and our competitors, One Siemens is providing the framework.