To maintain and monitor your installations, Siemens Healthineers has an outstanding and committed service panel to ensure you are entirely satisfied.
Competent and complementary teams, modern technical resources, a structured organization, recognized know-how, an ongoing commitment to quality; all of this helps to offer you "top of the range" service. With just one simple call, all of Siemens' skills are mobilized, from experts based at head office to operational teams distributed throughout the area. Their common aim is to optimize repair time in order to increase the productivity of your equipment.
As quality is of prime importance to us, our work complies with ISO9001 and we also hold certification for this standard.

Dispatching Center

The Dispatching Center is the entry point for all requests for intervention. Located in Belgium, the dispatch workers receive your calls and route them directly to the appropriate engineer who will then repair any faults.
Their common aim is to optimize repair time in order to increase the productivity of equipment and satisfy our customers.


The Guardian Program™ service enables you to monitor the performance of your medical imaging systems proactively, online, continuously and in real time. It allows any system errors to be detected and resolved before malfunctions occur, leaving you to concentrate fully on your patients. The main advantages of the Guardian Program are:
- Improved system reliability and increased availability
- Proactive, real-time remote monitoring
- Increased patient security
- Rapid feedback from Siemens experts in the event of a malfunction
- Improved planning of examinations
- Better budget management by maximizing use of the system

Tubeguard is a new service offered by the guardian program for CT.Continuous monitoring enables us to proactively predict when a tube is about to blow.We contact you to set up a convenient time to replace it.There is minimal interruption of your workflow which only increases comfort for your staff and patients.


The syngo Evolve concept now forms an integral part of the global Life strategy developed by Siemens Healthineers. The performance and functionality of medical imaging equipment are inextricably linked to rapidly-evolving software (applications, operating system, acquisition). We undertake to offer you solutions which allow you to keep your Siemens equipment performing at a high level. The syngo Evolve package provides ongoing access to the latest IT and clinical innovations.

Siemens Remote Service

Siemens Healthineers has set up an infrastructure which covers a full range of remote services: Siemens Remote Service. This function is an integral part of Life, the unique client solution which allows you to get as much as possible out of your investment.
We guarantee
- Proactive approach: monitoring changes in parameters enables us to react before problems emerge
- Increased availability: 50% of calls are resolved remotely
- Protection of patient data: internal security devices and firewalls guarantee maximum security. Data security is of key importance to us. Our Siemens Remote Service solution guarantees the security of patient data and the integrity of your usage data and processes.

Virus Protection

With Virus Protection, you will benefit from protection which ranges from proactive prevention to detection and elimination of viruses.
Virus Protection guarantees:
- Ongoing monitoring of your system against virus attacks,
- Rapid remote intervention in the event of contamination
- Automatic daily updates
- Detailed monitoring reports, updates and corrective actions available from the secure LifeNet internet portal