From “smart data” to business

Dr Peter Weckesser, CEO Digital Factories Customer Services – Siemens AG


Intelligent plants, machinery, materials and products that communicate with each other via the ‘Internet of things’ and consequently increase productivity: still a long way off, would you say? Nothing could be further from the truth. Siemens has been using its experience and knowledge of IT and the simulation of production processes to take production to a previously unseen level. Consequently, we have been helping to make the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ a reality.


For industrial players, remaining competitive is a constant challenge. For how can you stay ahead of the increasingly inventive competition while having to cope with the global economic recession and growing requirements for sustainability at the same time?

Siemens has the answer. By carrying out the intelligent analysis of your data flows,Siemens Plant Data Services can help to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your plant and machinery. So there are four customized energy data management solutions that enable you to get more from your energy data. If your requirements change, the scalable and flexible service packages can provide a solution customized for your business.