SIMATIC IT Unilab - Next Generation LIMS

LIMS for Lab Efficiency

All over the world, laboratories are under enormous pressure to do an ever-increasing amount of work with fewer employees and at lower cost. This situation is emphasized by the fact that regulations are becoming more complex and stringent.


Paperless lab

Accuracy: less entry-errors

Integrated quality

Less lab administration

Reduced scrap & rework

Eliminated application downtime

Reduced IT cost

Cost-efficient compliance

Siemens SIMATIC IT Unilab - LIMS solution

Whether as a stand-alone system or as an integrated part of Siemens MES SIMATIC IT, whether in smaller lab environments or as an enterprise LIMS, SIMATIC IT Unilab is one of the world’s leading LIMS solutions – with a top position in the process industry.
SIMATIC IT Unilab has proven its reliability at a large number of multinational companies in process industries. In addition, SIMATIC IT Unilab is an asset to a large number of laboratories in the environmental, animal health and water analysis sectors and various other industrial environments.

LIMS - Efficient Quality Management

The QC lab has to ensure overall product conformity and quality. SIMATIC IT Unilab bridges the gap between the lab and production.
It supports the shift from off-line analysis to at-line quality checks during production, as defined in the SOPs, with immediate feedback to the plant.
This optimizes decision-making and supports corrective action taking and drastically reduces scrap and rework.

LIMS - Efficient Innovation & Time-to-Market

The lab is the source of innovation in a company.
SIMATIC IT Unilab includes tools for brand-watching,
R&D and stability studies. As a core module of SIMATIC IT
R&D Suite Unilab helps bridge the gap between the lab
and production.

This allows scientists to make optimum use of their time, and speed up new product introductions.

LIMS - Efficient Lab Management

Lab information has to be available 24/7 for customers to
follow up their analysis.
SIMATIC IT Unilab offers functionality to support direct
customer interaction, immediate cost calculation for analysis
requests and automated invoicing.
This reduces the number of entry-errors, decreases administrative
workload for the lab staff, and increases customer satisfaction