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LIMS for Service Labs - Maximize Lab Efficiency

Independent service labs need to increase customer satisfaction

Service Labs

Lab information has to be available 24/7 for customers to follow up their analysis. SIMATIC IT Unilab offers functionality to support direct customer interaction, immediate cost calculation for analysis requests and automated invoicing. This reduces the number of entry-errors, decreases administrative workload for the lab staff, and increases customer satisfaction.


User Management
Access definition is possible
per user or user-group
- to applications or functionality
- to data (read/write)
Single sign on for Windows users is possible
Full audit trail of user actions.

As access to your LIMS is possible from outside the company’s network, the most innovative and stringent
security measures are in place to protect your data.


Adapt your LIMS to your lab requirements through configuration of the application (over 80% of functional configuration can be done by your own staff).
There is no need for modifications to the standard software. No IT staff or vendor involvement is required.

The configuration approach guarantees your full benefit
from functional enhancements
in future releases.


The browser based approach considerably limits the need for hardware and software handling, as no application rollout is required and any device running a web browser can be used. Easy network set-up and LIMS integration with other systems based on the flexible and scalable architecture.

The back-up and archiving procedures enable the availability of historic data as well as real-time data.

Easy to Use

User Friendly



  • Dedicated user interface: Only see what you need and what your access level will allow you to use.

  • Worklists and guidance through automated workflows

  • Easy browsing and searching

  • Pre-defined reports

  • Direct access for external parties (customers, suppliers and field workers)

  • Instrument connections with dynamic connection for data exchange

  • QR-code scanning

  • Result verification and validation upon entry

  • Automatic analysis request handling based on test-plan

  • Cost calculation for analysis requests

  • Automated invoicing processes


Easy Lab Management




  • Centralized collection, management and storage of al lab data

  • Model and manage workflows

  • Reporting and dashboards for short and long term lab management

  • Detailed management of users and user groups

  • Availability of historic data as well as real-time data

  • Trending and SQC for decision making support

  • Management by Exception

  • Standard operating procedures for off-line and atline quality checks

  • Equipment and qualification management

  • Lab performance analysis

  • Supports GLP, GAMP, ISO 9001:2000, ISA 17025 and 21 CFR Part 11

Easy to Maintain

Future Oriented



  • Modular and scalable structure of functionality

  • Pay for what you need

  • Use what you have (platform, device and browser agnostic)

  • Access definition (single sign on for Windows users is possible

  • Service oriented architecture

  • Easy network set-up

  • LIMS integration with other systems (interfaces to ERP, MES, PLM and lab equipment)


Easy to Configure




  • Standard templates fit 80% of your lab requirements

  • Clear graphical user interface for lab configuration

  • Minimum hardware and software handling

  • Limited Database administration requirements

  • Backup and archive procedures

  • Reduce IT cost, no application rollout needed anymore

  • Reduce downtimes during interventions

  • Multi-lab, Multi-language