Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturers today must remain competitive while at the same time ensuring optimal quality and production efficiency.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) help manufacturers effectively address these complex challenges and increase profitability.

Siemens MES synchronizes every manufacturing operation from control up to business systems covering the ISA-95 standard for MES with key functionalities such as:

  • Data management with consistent KPI calculation to support decision making

  • Material management to support regulatory compliance

  • Order management to control production execution

Siemens MES secures your business targets through:

  • Overall enterprise profitability

  • Supply chain integration

  • Manufacturing synchronization

  • Reduced TCO and improved ROI

  • Brand protection

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Unified functionality

We offer MES solutions for all industries, based on SIMATIC IT, the Siemens MES offering.

Our MES solutions for metals (SIMETAL MES), for paper (SIPAPER IT) and for tank terminals (SITAS IT) are also based on SIMATIC IT.