Siemens Belgium

R&D – Benefits

You can benefit from our PLM solution in many ways:

  • Single Point of Reference for specification management and product development data
    - Eliminate islands of product information

  • Improve approval processes and change control
    - Version management, including historic versions
    - Workflow based approval with e-mail notification

  • Improve Specification deployment inside and outside the company
    - Facilitate query and reporting functions
    - Controlled access to specification and product development data for all stakeholders (including suppliers, customers, consumers)
    - Interface data with other systems (ERP, LIMS, …)

  • Strengthen your purchasing power
    - Product Harmonisation
    - A common language for specifications

  • Improve Product Development Process
    - Support R&D with a searchable knowledge platform
    - Provide powerful recipe development and optimisation tools
    - Improve data flow from marketing to R&D to operations

  • Improve Supply Chain Dynamics
    - Facilitate production of the same product in different plants
    - Define approved product variants

  • Support QA standards
    - Sound basis for certification
    - Audit trail and tracking of specifications, including historic versions