R&D – Our Solution

Based on SIMATIC IT R&D Suite and specific libraries, our solution offering consists of :

  • Specification Management : manage version controlled specifications based on your own defined templates for raw materials, intermediate and finished products, packaging materials etc. in one database as a Single Point of Reference

  • Supplier Collaboration : electronically exchange specification data with your suppliers and avoid manual entry of data

  • Recipe Management: define recipes / Bills of Materials as a part of your product specifications and interface them with your ERP system.

  • Regulatory data generation: automatic generation of ingredient declarations, nutrition data and allergen declarations.

  • Project Data Management: manage the status of your product development projects and all related data, including trial and experiment results, research documents, draft specifications, etc.

  • Formula Workbench: develop multilevel formulas using existing or test materials and immediately see results in terms of cost, nutrients, traffic lights, ingredients etc. Add your own calculations and use optimization algorithms to find the recipe that will best achieve your business targets.


Siemens has developed an ELN solution to capture and organise all R&D data in a structured database respecting the researchers’ flexibility.

With the Electronic Lab Notebook you can:

  • Capture experimental data by combining easily configurable templates and ad hoc flexibility

  • Directly access analysis results in SIMATIC IT Unilab (LIMS)

  • Drag and drop files and documents

  • Manage experimental data in the context of an R&D Project

  • Browse and search through R&D Projects, data, files and documents

  • Model and manage workflow and status of R&D Projects

  • Share knowledge on a common platform

  • Manage access and versions on all data, files and documents