Webinar - Recipe Transformation - Speed up time-to-market

27 March 2012, 11:00

Innovation efficiency does not stop in the lab. Once a novelty is developed it is crucial for
innovation leaders to start producing and delivering it as soon as possible.The translation from
the formula that R&D delivers into a recipe that can be executed at a production facility often
takes too much precious time:

  • parameters need to be adjusted

  • raw materials may need to be switched to specific local variants

  • the order of execution steps in the manufacturing process may need to be adjusted to the
    specific plant layouts

For companies with a centralized R&D organization, but with geographically (even globally)
distributed manufacturing sites, this 'transformation' of a recipe is often a very cumbersome
and time consuming exercise. Reducing these efforts would have a direct impact on their time-
to-market for new product innovations, and help secure or achieve market leadership.

The SIMATIC IT software portfolio includes several software suites:

  • SIMATIC R&D Suite covers different product development processes, such as R&D project
    management, formula development and regulatory data generation

  • SIMATIC IT Production Suite is the manufacturing execution software, which covers the
    'wall to wall' production processes at the plant level

The recipe transformation solution shown in this webinar is set up to offer a transformation
engine: it will take the structured information from the formula card, such as issued by R&D,
and transform this into a final control recipe that can be executed in a production facility. This
transformation is done in different steps, via a master recipe and a site recipe, where in each
step, more plant specific information is stored.

See the potential?

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This webinar is 1 of a series. Other topics will be addressed such as quality management,
regulatory data management, ...