Instead of recruitment of own capabilities and capacities, why not taking benefit from the long-year experiences in managing large infrastructure projects by involving a specialist company. A specialized team works on such integrated projects, which require not only the supply of different technical systems but also all the services around such kind of complex projects.

We offer:

  • Partnership from project development stage for international airport investors, general contractors and/or operators for the complete life cycle of the airport as Electrical Contractor

  • Complete electrical works for airport projects, from design till after sales services – involving preferred partners

  • Discrete modernization solutions for major airports

Your benefit:

  • High Reliability
    - Single responsible supplier for major electrical equipment
    - Coordination of all relevant partners

  • High Functionality
    - Minimization of interfaces
    - Integration of all technologies to ensure highest safety standards for people and facilities
    - Reliable operation combined with fast and efficient trouble-shooting for maximum revenue
    - Entire life-cycle services including maintenance

  • Ecological awareness to minimize environmental pollution (target = green airport)