Sports Venues / Race tracks

Together with selected partners, Siemens offers the entire range of products and services for a cutting-edge infrastructure to smoothly stage large events. For an optimum, all-round solution, experience and solutions used for previous projects and new, creative ideas are constantly being integrated into current and future events to the benefit of spectators, athletes and organizers alike.

We offer:

  • Entire range of products and services – together with selected partners – to provide the infrastructure for large events and state-of-the-art sports facilities

  • Extensive experience combined with creative new ideas for an innovative, all-in-one solution

Your Benefit:

  • High Reliability
    - One responsible party only
    - Interface coordination already during design phase
    - Adaptable technology
    - Holistic implementation of operation and maintenance issues

  • High Functionality
    - Integration of all systems with world-leading technology
    - Support throughout the life cycle
    - Custom tailored modernization

  • High Economics
    - Reduce redundant work and costs in design and implementation
    - Economy of scale through corporate purchasing
    - Project completion on time and within budget