Solutions for Liquid Bulk Terminals, Distribution Terminals and Airport Fueling Systems

The implementation of integrated engineering solutions for liquid bulk terminals, distribution terminals and airport fueling systems requires a wide range of specialized know-how and resources.

In this highly demanding sector of activities, Siemens Industrial Services has not only built up a reputation in recent times, but even more importantly has proven its ability to develop and implement the necessary solutions under challenging conditions, often in a demanding environment, but always in close collaboration with the customer.

Aspects of an integrated approach

In view of the specific requirements of any project in the field of liquid bulk storage and distribution, Siemens Industrial Services offers a broad spectrum of know how and resources, covering both terminal and process design, including the basic concept and analysis as well as hardware and software engineering. The offer comprises anything from construction and assembly, to commissioning of sites. It includes full maintenance – servicing and logistics support i.e. for spare parts or repairs.

In practice, Siemens Industrial Services offers the necessary solutions based on extensive know-how of tank management, specific procedures, hydraulic behavior in circuits and hydrant systems, intrinsic safe and fail-safe circuitry, Exdzone technology, ESD, EFSO and leak detection systems. The ever more frequently emerging and more stringent environmental rules and regulations are handled on the basis of local knowledge and international experience.

Global presence, local competence

Your project will benefit from the use of local Siemens resources for engineering, assembly and commissioning, you are immediately guaranteed all of the post sales services and assistance for any modifications, adaptations or future extensions.

Well organized Siemens teams deliver full support and services, either on site or through our teleservice. This includes spare parts availability and a 24-hour service for all applications.

Standard technological concepts

Siemens Totally Integrated Automation has gained broad recognition as a winning concept in automation, in process control and in a wide field of applications. It is supported by numerous references all over the globe. On the automation level, TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) tools on the SIMATIC S7-400 FH failsafe redundant range of PLCs. Win-CC and PCS 7 (Process Control System) running on industrial standard hardware are tried and tested SCADA solutions.Industrial Ethernet and Profibus have become the leading standards for industrial communications. These technologies come complete with the power of fiber optics for networking and with open drivers for multi-vendor applications, such as the Rotork Pack Scan, the Saab tank master system, Krone flow metering or the leak detection systems using OPC. Specific systems for batching, weighing and dosing are included in this scope.

Liquid bulk terminals, distribution terminals and airport fueling systems

Siemens Industrial Services has developed into a center of know-how for liquid bulk terminals, distribution terminals and airport fueling systems with impressive references in the field of operational management and backed-up by competent engineering and service satellites throughout the global Siemens Group organization.

The specialized approach in the different fields is based on a process concept developed in-house, including products and systems, and on specific know-how regarding the hydraulic behavior of various liquids in hydrant and pipeline systems. The necessary Siemens process technology is used for SIL requirements, tank management systems, flow-weighbridge control, Ex zones, leak detection pump stations, pressure regulations, as well as fire-gas protection techniques and emergency shutdown systems. In short, Siemens Industrial Services can cover the full range of electrical equipment, retrofitting, extension and servicing, based on the concepts of Totally Integrated Power, Totally Integrated Automation, drives and instrumentation.

Airport Fueling Systems

Siemens is been active for years in the world of aviation fuelling business. Siemens can offer solution from basic design till services. Due to our successes like airport Brussels, Athens, Luxemburg, Bangalore, and more, Siemens is able to supply standard solution! This will result in most competitive offers with highest possible standards limited to customers’ budget.

A short overview of our portfolio:


  • Engineering

  • Automation & control to optimize process parameters

  • Dynamic Simulation Technology to achieve an optimum of economic und operational efficiency

  • Consulting  for economic, operative and technological efficiency of plant

  • Maintenance Management

  • Management System : Inventory, Contract and order management, reporting turnover

Hydrant Systems:

  • Engineering

  • Automation & control to optimize process parameters

  • Consulting  for economic, operative and technological efficiency of plant

  • Dynamic Simulation Technology to achieve an optimum of economic und operational efficiency

  • Tightness Control System monitoring the safety at the top airports

  • Maintenance Management


  • Aircraft Fuelling System: Dispatch, electronic ticket management, automated invoicing

  • Maintenance Management

Siemens solutions meets customers Operational Targets

  • Safe operation: e.g. identify alarm conditions / shut down

  • Prevention of spills: over-filling tanks or vehicles

  • Control functions: e.g. hydrant pumps to meet the changing fuel demand

  • Protection of plant and equipment: e.g. Avoiding pump operation under no flow condition

  • Correct operating procedures: e.g. the operator can open a tank's out let valve after he has confirmed that the correct sampling and tank release procedures have been completed

  • Reduction of the operator's workload: e.g. automated start and stop of the emptying pump for an underground product connection tank in response to Hi and Lo level alarms;

  • Reduction of the operator's control room workload: e.g. automating paperwork processes by providing an interface to the plant data for 3rd party commercial systems

  • Detection of leaks: typically from underground pipe work, pump shaft seals, etc.

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