Supplier Collaboration webinar

mardi 20 décembre 2011, 11:00

A lot of data in your raw material specifications are provided by your suppliers in some format or other (typically their standard format, e.g. pdf, word, hard copy, …).You then need to evaluate these specifications, with the necessary comment and correction loops.

The next step is typically any of the following:

  • A hard copy is filed in a filing cabinet

  • A file is stored on a directory

  • Data is manually entered in a database

  • Data is manually entered in a specification management system

Following up what was requested from which supplier and when, is often managed in yet a separate system (or in Excel), if a system is used at all.

Sound familiar?
Sound tedious?
Sound inefficient?

Know that there is a huge opportunity for improvement in this process in terms of efficiency, quality of data, and supplier collaboration, …

The supplier portal is one of the building blocks of our PLM solution for process industries.

It offers the following automated system functions :

  • Send out requests for specifications to suppliers

  • Allow suppliers to enter their specification data, add files etc

  • Compare data provided with data in the Specification Management system

  • Import or archive data supplied in the Specification Management system

  • Follow up of requests : what data came back from what supplier and when?


See the potential?

Find out more during the 45’ webinar.
20th December 11.00 (GMT +1)

This webinar is 1 of a series. Other topics will be addressed such as quality management, regulatory data management, ...