Siemens België

How do I convert to Bio-Rad Controls?

To proceed with your control conversion, please contact your local Bio-Rad representative or Bio-Rad distributor. Siemens recommends that you allow sufficient time for the IMMULITE, RIA and Dade control conversions. Please refer to Attachment 1, Table 1 (IMMULITE &RIA) and Attachment 2, Table 1 (Dade) for all inventory discontinuation dates so you can plan accordingly.

How will I troubleshoot my QC, when the Siemens Controls identified in Table 1 are no longer available?

For Bio-Rad controls, your local Bio-Rad Customer Service Center will assist you. Additionally, through participation in Bio-Rad’s Unity InterLaboratory Program, you may access the Bio-Rad website at to locate the data appropriate for your lot of Bio-Rad control.

To view the Siemens/Bio-Rad brochure, worldwide Bio-Rad contact information, and information on equivalent Bio-Rad controls, go to: You will continue to contact Siemens to address questions related to all Siemens products, including Siemens labeled controls.