Formula Workbenching webinar

A playground for product developers

donderdag 28 juni 2012, 11:00

No idea is too wild

A creative environment, where it is possible to do limitless numbers of experiments, trials and prototypes, to develop new or optimize existing formulations.

No concerns about wasting material and time. You are working in an R&D only environment where everything you do adds value:

  • Formulas that theoretically match your new product prerequisites are withheld for lab trials and pilots

  • But the unsuccessful attempts are not lost effort, as they are stored with all associated documentation and objects, in a searchable way, never to be repeated

Attend the webinar and get a feel of the Formula Workbench

The Formula Workbench is a powerful tool for people who need a flexible environment for formula development. It taps into the store of specifications and formulas of existing products and materials. Based on these, product developers can:

  • Develop new or optimize existing multi-level formulas

  • “Play” with existing formulas and specifications, in an R&D only environment

  • Define and use test materials for evaluation purposes

  • Perform “what if” scenarios, comparing formula alternatives side by side

  • Simulate the new formula, with immediate calculations of cost, nutritional values, allergens, ingredient composition, …

  • Export successful formulas to the specification database to complete the product specification release process

The Formula Workbench gives the product developer the flexibility he expects and needs to be truly innovative. But at the same time, thanks to the integration with the specification repository, it ensures the use of correct information on the one hand, and streamlines the development and release process on the other hand. This helps ensure data integrity while speeding up new product introduction.

The Formula Workbench is a part of the Siemens SIMATIC IT R&D Suite offering, the software platform that covers all R&D activities and the integration between R&D and production for process industries.

See the potential?

Find out more during the 45’ webinar.
28th June 2012 at 11.00 (GMT +1)

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This webinar is 1 of a series. Other topics will be addressed such as integrated quality management, regulatory data management, ...