Webinar - Built-in Regulatory Compliance

donderdag 28 maart 2013, 14:00

Regulatory Compliance Right from the start

How to incorporate regulatory compliance in the Product Life Cycle and ensure compliance from the design phase. We’re taking you through a day in the life of a food company, highlighting the pain points in the sales, supply and production chain, with a particular focus on the regulatory aspects of the products and processes.

What happens?

Tools, people and processes. Those are very often the factors that cause regulatory issues to turn into bottlenecks in the events taking place between sales and delivery.

What should happen?

The increasingly strict and numerous product labeling regulations will make it more important than ever to embed compliance into every aspect of the company, starting with the design and development of the products.

How can this be realized?

  • Managing specifications centrally (raw materials, products, packaging)

  • Managing suppliers

  • Automating regulatory compliance

  • Integrating product development and recipe management with production

In a demo you will see a number of scenarios of this integration and automation of regulatory issues in practice, based on our industry software portfolio. This webinar focuses on regulatory, labeling, claims and allergens handling.

Topics such as formula workbenching, integrated quality, recipe transformation and supplier management also play an important role in realizing regulatory compliance from the start. These topics have been handled in previous webinars and may be viewed online on our
 MES marketplace

See the Potential?

Find out more during the 45’ webinar.

28th March 2013 at 14.00 (GMT +1)

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This webinar is 1 of a series. Other topics will be addressed such as the use of mobile devices for quality control, ...