Web Roundtable - Supply Chain Alignment

Hand and Glove ERP Integration

vrijdag 20 juni 2014, 16:00

Join us for a web roundtable to discuss the topic in-depth with your peers from other companies.

Web Roundtable

You have an ERP system. You have systems in place for management of quality and specifications, such as LIMS, PLM? It’s a good idea to clearly determine what you are going to do in which system, what information you will keep in which system.

Masterdata? Product specifications? Bills of materials? You will want to make sure the work only has to be done once, that it’s done properly, and that the data used are accurate and available.

To achieve that it comes to integration, integration, integration: setting up the right flows, the right interfaces.

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A webcast is available showing a case based on integration of Siemens systems with ERP. More particularly we are taking a look at approaches and structures to integrate SIMATIC IT Interspec (our Specification and Formula Management tool) and SIMATIC IT Unilab (our LIMS) with ERP.

The experience shared is fully based on real-life cases at major players in the process industry.

Learn from those who have already taken the hurdle.

Contact us for webcast access.


See the Potential?

Find out more during the web roundtable.

June 20, 2014, 4:00 p.m (GMT+1).

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