The Totally Integrated Data Center (TiDC)

dinsdag 19 juni 2012, 0:00

Unlike other facilities, a data center cannot be judged on its percentage availability. It is either available or it isn't. Whether fully owned or outsourced, data centers and IT rooms are critical facilities for the vast majority of businesses. But from managing complexity to improving energy efficiency and meeting security and business regulatory requirements, data centers face many challenges.

Integrated and tailored solutions and services for data center infrastructure help efficiently detect and respond to a wide variety of events that can threaten data centers' business continuity and profitability.

During this seminar we present you with an overview of the latest trends, challenges and technologies for energy efficient, safe and secure data center infrastructure.


12:30 Welcome coffee and sandwiches

13:30 The Totally Integrated Data Center: concept and benefits
(by Erwin Van den plas, Siemens)

13:45 Data Center market trends in Europe and specific position of Belgium & Luxembourg
(by Bernard Lecanu, Chairman EUDCA)

14:00 Totally Integrated Power Distribution
(by Siemens' Center of Competence experts)
- Why a UPS system could be a threat for your availability
- Cabling or busbars? Comparison of the Total Cost of Ownership
- How a power monitoring system can prevent your data center from breaking down

14:45 Case study: DCIM Pilot in a mirrored data center
(by Mark Hensbergen, Atos)
Goals & conclusions of a study on Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

15:30 Coffee Break

15:45 Total Building Solutions
(by Siemens' Center of Competence experts)
- Design of a security concept for data centers and IT rooms
- Trends in fire safety: special technologies and applications for fire detection and extinguishing in data centers and IT rooms
- How to match power supply from renewable energy with data center continuity?

16:45 The European Data Center Association (EUDCA)
(by Bernard Lecanu, Chairman EUDCA)
The European Data Center Association, (EUDCA), is the association that represents the data center industry at a European level and represents all aspects of the industry from data center operators, to suppliers, manufacturers and data center users. Bernard Lecanu will explain the mission & objectives of EUDCA.

17:00 Drinks & tapas
Speakers and experts are available for questions and dialogue

Participation is free of charge, but registration is required!