Supplier Qualification Process within Supplier Selection


The Supplier Qualification process is the initial stage of Supplier Management @ Siemens for all new suppliers. Existing suppliers will gradually be qualified retroactively with regard to our Supplier Qualification requirements.

Having fulfilled a number of basic business criteria, companies wishing to become a Siemens supplier must meet certain minimum economic, environmental and social performance standards by completing up to six qualification modules.

This company-wide mandatory and standardized supplier-related qualification process is integrated within our supplier platform SCM STAR and releases the supplier for business with Siemens, independent of later product and process related qualifications.

Supplier Qualification is a cross-functional process which is driven by the Siemens buyer in close interaction with the supplier.


The first step in Supplier Qualification is that each supplier must run through a basic qualification process

  • •a central “manual” check of basic supplier account and master data is performed when a new supplier is added to the Corporate Master Database (CMD),

  • a background check is conducted on the supplier in the sanctioned parties lists under the terms of German, European, U.S. and local laws, and

  • an intensive review of the integrity and qualification of the business partner is completed (due diligence review of suppliers in the role of business intermediaries).

These checks are a mandatory part of adding new suppliers to operational ordering systems.

Following successful basic qualification, additional steps may be required, depending on perceived risks. In order to complete this process, suppliers may be asked to provide further information, e.g. on management system certificates or on Corporate Responsibility

The responsible buyer who is interested in the suppliers’ products/services initiates the Supplier Qualification Process and remains the single point of contact for the supplier during the whole qualification process.

The Supplier Qualification Process currently consists of up to six different workflow integrated modules. Which modules are relevant for the supplier is determined by the “Qualification Classifier”, executed by the Siemens buyer. Through registration in our supplier platform click4suppliers easy, suppliers can process the different modules. The revalidation interval varies for the different modules and some modules only need to be processed once. A short description of the different modules is given below. For more information in regards to the qualification modules please contact the responsible Siemens buyer.

Module “Supplier related quality requirements”

Overall target of this module is to achieve confidence that our suppliers are able to deliver the requested product/service quality on a sustained basis of trustful cooperation on quality topics and efficient management systems. This includes the general commitment to comply with the Siemens Basic Quality Requirements and to provide information about relevant management system certificates.

Module “Environment & Safety”

Overall target of the Environment & Safety module is to ensure supplier’s compliance to legal requirements arising from product substance restrictions. For this module, relevant suppliers are those that deliver any kind of material (except software) or hardware that is integrated into, or part of, the finished product such as cables, printed circuit boards, housings and gear boxes.

Module “Trading Partner Security”

Overall target of the Trading Partner Security module is to ensure a basic safety standard through asking our suppliers to present relevant Security Certificates or consent to security declaration. These requirements have been triggered by increasing supplier related security requirements worldwide which have a massive impact on supply chain processes. A number of international customs legislations lies as base for the Trading Partner Security module.

Module “Code of Conduct for Siemens Suppliers”

To ensure Corporate Responsibility principles in our supply chain, Siemens’ suppliers are bound to consent to the Code of Conduct requirements through a Corporate Responsibility contract clause, providing a signed Corporate Responsibility declaration or through the Siemens Conditions of Purchase.

Module “Corporate Responsibility Self Assessment”

The purpose of the Corporate Responsibility Self Assessment is to determine the extent to which our suppliers identify our sustainability requirements and to recognize potential risk early on.

Module “Risk Evaluation”

Overall target of the module is to evaluate our supplier on a number of risk categories within sustainability and business continuity.


Since April 2010, we have been rolling out the Supplier Qualification Process worldwide, and it is now a mandatory requirement for all new suppliers.  Existing suppliers will gradually be qualified retroactively with regard to our mandatory supplier qualification requirements.


Each qualification module assesses the supplier on its fulfillment of our mandatory supplier qualification requirements. Based on the results, we assign suppliers to one of three risk categories – green/ yellow/ red.  If we do not identify any misalignment with our requirements, the supplier is rated with a green status. Minor or major divergence leads to assignment of yellow or red status. In such instances, the responsible Siemens buyer must clarify and rectify the problem e.g. by defining corrective actions to be solved within a defined grace period. When a supplier is green on all relevant Supplier Qualification modules it is “Ready for Business” with Siemens. If the supplier proves unable or unwilling to improve to Siemens standards the business relationship cannot be initiated or the business relationship will be terminated and the supplier will be phased out.

To process facilitate your Supplier Qualification Process, you need to be registered in our supplier portal click4suppliers easy.