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Corporate Responsibility Self Assessement Questionnaire


The Corporate Responsibility Self Assessment is an essential part of our Supplier Qualification program which serves three important purposes

  1. To communicate to our suppliers what Sustainability means to us and what our minimum requirements are in order to become a Siemens supplier

  2. Give our suppliers a possibility to identify risks and improvement opportunities at an early stage in our cooperation

  3. Based on the identified risks, define measures for mitigation as part of the Siemens Supplier Development framework

Based on the identified risks, define measures for mitigation. For more detailed information please visit the Corporate Responsibility Self Assessment website.

Web based Training
We further offer a Web Based Training (WBT) as a guideline for suppliers which illustrates the requirements of Siemens to its suppliers in terms of Sustainability.

Support documents

Screenshot Guide
A click4suppliers easy screenshot guide is also available to support you in filling out the Corporate Responsibility Self Assessment.

Language versions
The Corporate Responsibility Self Assessment is available in multiple languages. All documents can be found in the Download Center.

Sustainability program

Does your company have a program in place to manage adherence with your own and/or customers’ Sustainability requirements?

How sustainability is managed in a business is very dependent on the nature of the business. We here want to know if you have a formal organization addressing Sustainability issues with a program or management system in place. Components of such a program could for example be:

  • Clearly defined responsibility for driving Sustainability

  • Circular or policy issued within organization regulating Sustainability

  • Sustainability Report published

Sustainability audit

Has your company undergone a sustainability audit during recent years?

An audit checking the adherence to minimum requirements relating to Sustainability. Such requirements are regulated by international standards such as from International Labor Organization and UN Global Compact as well as local legislation and are described in our Code of Conduct.

Audit scope

What was the scope of the audit?

There are a number of independent industry initiative audit programs. Many companies also have their own audit program to assess Sustainability at their suppliers. If none of these options are suitable (e.g. if audit was focused exclusively on environmental performance) please choose others and describe in the information field.

Main manufacturing

In which country is your headquarters located? In which country is / are your main production / service site(s)?

Due to varying local legislation and the fact that different Sustainability related risks are more apparent in certain countries this information is interesting to us. For your main production / service site(s) please provide minimum one country.

Questionnaire applicability

Is the information provided in this questionnaire applicable to all your company’s locations and facilities?

Are the answers given in this questionnaire relating to just the registered location or applicable for all your company’s locations and facilities in this country? Please review the questions and decide whether you want/can provide answer for all your company’s locations. If applicable for all locations this questionnaire may be used to qualify additional location located in the same country.

Compliance with legislation and prohibition of corruption and bribery

Is a member of your company's executive management (e.g. director) nominated with responsibility for combating corruption, bribery, and antitrust violations?
Responsibility in this context means assigned governance ownership by your company within your organization, to ensure emphasis and proper processes for combating corruption, bribery and antitrust.

Has your company been involved in legal proceedings regarding corruption, bribery or antitrust during the past 5 years?
Legal proceedings in this context are law suits (civil trials), criminal trials, administrative or impeachment proceedings connected to your company in regards to corruption, bribery or antitrust.

Do you have an implemented company-wide compliance program or procedures? (minimum requirements: compliance communication and training for relevant employees, process specifying how compliance cases of bribery or corruption and antitrust should be internally handled)
Especially critical employees should be trained how compliance cases have to be internally addressed and handled. Critical employees in this sense are employees, who are due to their function and responsibility, exposed to compliance risks (e.g. controlling function and direct contact to customers [sales, purchasing] and senior management with signature authority).

Respect for the basic human rights of employees

Siemens expects its suppliers to respect the fundamental employment rights set out in international conventions of the United Nations (UN), the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the UN Global Compact initiative.

Question 2.3: Do you impose monetary or other penalties on employees, which contravene ILO (International Labor Organization) conventions?

A common non-conformance relating to penalties is deduction from wages. International Labor Organization states that  such deductions shall be permitted only under conditions and to the extent prescribed by national laws or regulations or fixed by collective agreement or arbitration award ( Protection of Wages Convention 95). All suppliers needs to be aware about national laws relating to penalties and adhere to these.

Prohibition of child labor

Siemens expects its suppliers to only employ workers with a minimum age of 15. This minimum employment age is laid down in several conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO). These conventions regulate internationally valid lower limits. If a higher minimum employment age is valid in the country in which a supplier maintains its business premises, then the supplier must adhere to it. In exceptional cases only, we will accept a minimum age of 14 provided that a statutory minimum age of 14 applies under ILO Convention 138 in the country where the affected supplier maintains its business establishment.

Health and safety of employees

Further information on the Code of Conduct - Occupational Health and Safety management system minimum requirements can be found under following link

Environmental protection

Further information on the Code of Conduct - Environmental management system minimum requirements can be found under following link

Supply chain responsibility

For our suppliers too, a large proportion of the value added is generated in the supply chain. It is therefore important to us that our suppliers take active steps to promote and implement compliance with our Code of Conduct for Siemens Suppliers or their own equivalent code of conduct in their supply chain.

Finish questionnaire

After providing all the requested information in the questionnaire until chapter 6 you need to finish
the questionnaire in order for the result and if applicable Corrective Action Plan to be calculated.
Please follow the steps below: (see screenshots below)

  1. Click “Done” in the lower right corner

  2. Click “Release the questionnaire”

  3. Click “Continue”

  4. Reenter the “Corporate Responsibility Self Assessment” questionnaire

  5. Go to chapter 7 (Results and "Corrective Action Plan"). Here your result and result
    and if applicable Corrective Action Plan will be displayed.

IMPORTANT: In order to complete the assessment you need to acknowledge your
calculated result regardless if green, yellow or red and if applicable accept or give
feedback on the Corrective Action Plan.

Corrective action process

In order to finish the Corporate Responsibility Self Assessment, also if the result is Green,
you need to acknowledge the calculated result. If the calculated result is Yellow or Red
you will also have to either accept the Corrective Action Plan as stated or give notice to
the responsible buyer possible amendments you see necessary.
Please follow the steps below: (see screenshots below):

  1. Review the result and suggested Corrective Action Plan

  2. Choose between "I have reviewed the result and accept the Corrective Action
    Plan as stated(if applicable)" or “I would like to discuss the Corrective Action
    Plan with Siemens purchaser" and provide further information

  3. Click “Done” then “Release the questionnaire”

You have now completed the questionnaire. Your corrective actions has been
implemented in the system and will be tracked within the Supplier Development