Contractual Commitment

Corporate Responsibility contract clause, Corporate Responsibility declaration, Conditions of Purchase

Siemens requires all suppliers to commit contractually to the requirements of the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is a mandatory element of all new and extended procurement contracts as well as our Siemens Conditions of Purchase, which form the basis for all purchase orders.

Suppliers wishing to conduct business with Siemens must undergo our supplier-specific qualification process, which ensures the application of company-wide requirements for supplier selection, ongoing evaluation and supplier’s assessments. As well as being required to fulfill a number of basic business criteria, companies intending to become Siemens suppliers must also meet certain minimum environmental and social performance standards, including commitment to the requirements of the Code of Conduct via a Corporate Responsibility declaration.

Acceptance of Equivalent Codes

If a supplier wishes to commit itself to an alternative codex which - after a certified review and approval by Siemens - is at least equivalent to our Code of Conduct, the supplier can be committed to such code of conduct.