Improving sustainability at your company while meeting our expectations

The responsible use of natural resources, targeted investments in future-oriented technologies that support profitable growth while offering customers competitive advantages, and a company ethic that goes beyond mere compliance with the law and places integrity at the center of business operations – these are the factors enabling Siemens to drive sustainable development and to lay the basis for the company’s successful future.

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Businesses today are operating in an ever more interconnected and globalized world. Supply chains stretch across continents and are vulnerable to disruption. Therefore, in order for Siemens to drive sustainable development we have decided to work together with our suppliers to help you to also work in a more sustainable way.

We foster a corporate culture based on the principles of sustainability both internally and with our external partners. Our global network of suppliers has central importance for our company, but it also brings great challenges and responsibility as we source goods and services from 90,000 suppliers in about 172 countries each year. Purchased products and services account for almost half the value of our total revenue. That’s why suppliers play a critical role in our value chain.

Encouraging sustainability improvement throughout the supply chain is a way of acknowledging that a company’s responsibility is not limited to its borders and it is a way to promote broader positive social, environmental and economic impacts.

When selecting a supplier, Siemens looks not only for the most competitive and innovative candidate, but also sets high standards for sustainability. This is why we integrated sustainability requirements in establishing the relationship with suppliers in recent years and constantly further develop them.

As a company that has pledged itself to high principles of sustainability, we also expect our suppliers to comply with the same principles. In selecting our suppliers we emphasize factors like total cost, quality, environmental awareness and adherence with our requirements of the Code of Conduct for Siemens Suppliers in the supply chain. In the long term we cooperate only with suppliers who place as much value on Sustainability as we do. In order to continuously monitor and improve the performance of our suppliers we utilize a consistent Supplier Management System. Basis is our Code of Conduct for suppliers which is a contractual obligation to all of our suppliers and defines the basic sustainability principles. The implementation of the Code of Conduct in all new and extended procurement contracts assures, on a long-term basis, high standards of our suppliers and thus assures Siemens’ sustainable competitiveness.

We examine regularly whether our suppliers comply with the obligations and principles defined in the Code of Conduct for Siemens Suppliers. Therefore a system of appropriate processes was established to enable Siemens to identify potential risks in the supply chain systematically.

To support you in implementing sustainability in your operations and to improve your level of sustainability we are now launching the Supplier Sustainability Toolkit. The toolkit aims to provide you with an introduction to sustainability trends and developments. We also want to provide you with an easy accessible sustainability scan to get insight in your current performance and ultimately to help you with guidance on how to improve.

Siemens Sustainability Supplier Toolkit

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The idea of the toolkit is to be a set of tools that develops through time and which will expand with additional content in the future. We start with providing more specific guidelines for you to implement Human Rights in your company. In the coming months we intend to add modules on: Environmental Protection, Legal Compliance, Anti-Corruption among others.

As a spin-off we intend to help you to meet our sustainability expectations, to implement the code of conduct related measures more easy and to pass our audits successfully.

Our toolbox provides information, guidance and external resources that can help you in developing sustainability strategies, implementing sustainability programs and monitoring performance.

The toolbox will be an open source resource, available not only to Siemens suppliers but to anyone interested in further enhancing their sustainability practices.