Shaping the future of airborne safety systems

The surest way to predict the future is to create and shape it yourself


The Siemens Building Technologies R&D team is specialized in the development of fire detection products and systems for aerospace applications. Working with the different Siemens laboratories, our teams take benefit from group knowledge in fire detection for other industrial applications while exploiting their aviation experience acquired on existing products.

Siemens Building Technologies handles Research and Development projects from requirements analysis, in close cooperation with customers, to product industrialization, certification and introduction into service.

R&D projects

Siemens Building Technologies is involved into various R&D projects in the field of aircraft safety such as:

  • Firedass: our team was involved in the Firedass program to develop new modelling techniques, which can then be used by industry to optimize fire detection and suppression/extinguishing systems. This project was funded by the European Commission under the BRITE/EURAM Program.

  • Firedetex (New FIRE/smoke DETection and fire EXtinguishing): Siemens Building Technologies develops and validates, through a detailed analysis of fire and non-fire situations, a multi-criteria/multi-sensor fire detection system technology to ensure efficient and quick detection while considerably reducing the rate of false alarms. This project is funded by the European Commission under the FRAMEWORK 5 Program.

  • Technology Survey: extensive links with universities and R&D centers have been created and Siemens Building Technologies is involved in various working groups, conferences such as AUBE, IASFPWG (formely IHRWG), NSC..