The leading edge in airborne smoke detection

Siemens Building Technologies develops systems for every major aircraft manufacturers and provides highly effective bespoke solutions.

An over-thirty-year experience

Leading company in fire detection and safety systems for industrial and aircraft applications worldwide, Siemens experience in manufacturing, supplying and supporting aircraft smoke detection systems started 37 years ago, when the company was awarded to supply the Concorde smoke detection systems. Since then, Siemens belongs to the forerunners of the industry, by improving the airborne smoke detection standards and providing optimized solutions for the protection of a wide range of aircraft, from regional to wide bodies and cargo.

Developing systems and solutions for major aicraft manufacturers

Siemens smoke detection systems represent standard equipment on the Airbus, ATR, BAe, Fokker and Saab aircraft. Siemens also supplies systems to military aircraft, such as Boeing E3, AWACS, Grumman JSTARS and BAe Nimrod MRA4. This equipment is certified as Customer Option for Lavatory Smoke Detection by Boeing (B737, B747- 400 and the MD11), and Crew rest Compartments Smoke Detection Systems are installed on B747-400, MD11 and Airbus A340.

Providing highly effective customized solutions

Siemens supplies the upper/lower deck cargo smoke detection systems used in particular all A300-600F, A310, B747-400SF, B767-200SF, SAAB 340F, ATR 42F cargo converted aircraft. Siemens Smoke Detection Systems have been certified within the frame of FAA STC's for the B727-200, the B737-200/300/500 and the MD80.