Cleaning Recommandations

Scheduled maintenance for smoke detectors (ATA26)

We would like to remind that a scheduled cleaning of smoke detectors is actually a major factor to ensure a good reliability and safety on board. Indeed, the contamination by dust, textile fibers, in fact any particles in suspension in the air is a well known issue for smoke detectors. There are two possible impacts of a heavy contamination:

- A significant decrease of the smoke sensitivity leading possibly to a complete loss of the fire detection

- A lower immunity to spurious events

 Therefore, based on our significant field experience, we highly recommend to apply a scheduled cleaning every:
- 6,000 FH for ionization types *
- 10,000 FH for photoelectrical types
These preventive task intervals could be adjusted accordng to environmental conditions.

The cleaning of our smoke detectors must fulfill good practices and must be compliant with our OEM proven process that can only be guaranteed by our repair shop and/or by any of our approved repair stations.

For further information, please consult the recommendation letter, or contact us.

*: In respect with International régulations, an exchange with optical type smoke detector can be proposed.