Siemens Group Greece

Siemens A.E. Electrotechnical Projects and Products

Distribution of electrotechnical and electronic products, planning, design, installation and assembly, technical support, consulting, general supervision and coordination of business activities of the entire Siemens Group in Greece.

Siemens Healthcare Industrial and Commercial Societe Anonyme

A leader in medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, clinical IT and medical infrastructure.

Siemens active in Greece for 110 years

  • Celebrating 110-year anniversary of Siemens in Greece.

  • New Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), General Counsel (GC), Regional Compliance Officer (RCO) - the New Siemens - Restructuring & Reorganization.

  • Siemens secures an order to provide the entire electromechanical infrastructure and security systems for the new Acropolis Museum.

  • Acquisition of Greek security company Kintec A.E.

  • Founding of Siemens Offices in Albania, FYROM and Cyprus.

  • Siemens successfully expanded sales of medical products and equipment for major hospitals and private diagnostic centers. Somatom Plus CT scanners were installed in the YGIA Polyclinic on Cyprus and in the ENCEPHALOS Institute in Greece.

    Somatom Plus computed tomography scanner, 1988

  • In July 1983, a solar power plant went into operation on the Cycladic island of Kynthos. Part of an international research program sponsored by the European Union, the project provided first experiences in directly converting sunlight into electrical energy.

    Solar modules at the Kynthos pilot facility, 1984

  • Siemens supplied lighting for the Olympic stadium built in northern Athens for the European Athletics Championships. In the same year, the German electrical company received an order to equip 70 new railcars for the Athens-Piraeus light rail line.

    Kalogreza Olympic Stadium, Athens, 1993

  • Siemens A.E. and Bosch-Siemens Hausgeraete GmbH acquire majority of Pitsos A.E.

  • With the financial backing of the National Bank, Siemens established Tele Industrie AG in 1963. The telecommunications factory in Salonika was Siemens’ most advanced production facility in Greece at the time.

    Siemens Tele Industrie factory, Salonika, 1973

  • The Greek Regional Company was renamed Siemens Hellas, Elektrotechnische AG.

    Neon sign advertising Siemens electrical appliances, Athens, 1959

  • Siemens in Greece landed one of its first major orders of the post-war period: to supply the electrical equipment for 12 railcars on the Piraeus-to-Athens light rail line. In the following years, the number of trains equipped with Siemens electrical devices rose to over 35.

    Office building, Athens, 1956

  • Establishment of Siemens A.E. in Athens.

  • OSRAM A.E. assumes the majority of shares in the Hellenic Lightbulb Industry A.E.

  • Founding of Griechische Telefon AG with a 75% S&H stake.

    Cable-laying in Salonika, 1932

  • In the mid-1920s, work began on the expansion of the subway system in Athens. Built in only three years, the line linking Omonia Square to Attiki was opened in 1930.

    Ribbon-cutting for subway from Omonia Square to Attiki, Athens, 1930

  • Siemens-Schuckertwerke also supplied, via its Austrian subsidiary, the equipment used to construct the light rail line linking Athens and Piraeus.

    Railcar on the Athens to Piraeus line, 1911

  • Siemens-Schuckertwerke delivered electrical equipment for the electric light rail system in Kalamata in the Peloponnesus.

    Streetcar, Kalamata, 1909

  • Signing of a general representative agreement with the Greek firm Zachariou & Co.