Where can I learn new things and use experience at the same time? Dare to ask.

Every day, our people dare to ask the toughest questions – at a time when the world is facing some major challenges. The climate is changing. People are living longer and travelling further. The population is growing and cities are expanding, but our world feels like it’s getting smaller. For a company like ours, constant change creates new challenges and opportunities all the time. Siemens offers experienced professionals who dare to ask big questions a wide range of opportunities to continue their personal success stories – in their home countries or even abroad. High Performance Culture ,advanced know-how, in combination with the programs of Business Ethics and Compliance, support the new and experienced professionals to develop their professional identity in a safe and dynamic environment.

1. Training/ Development Programs

Siemens employees have the opportunity through various Development and Training Programs to expand their knowledge aiming at the continuous development of their capabilities. These Programs are customized to the needs of each position and the ambition of our people. The key component of these Programs is the communication and collaboration with the managers of each department. 

2. Well Being  

The Well Being of our people is a strategic priority in Siemens. In our company we care not only about our business but we want our employees to do their job in a way that meets their personal needs. In that end we have created special programs and flexible ways of working in order to support our people and promote the work-life balance of our employees.