Where can I put my ideas to the test?

Are you an outstanding student? Someone with questions that go beyond your textbooks? Good news: Even if you haven’t completed your studies yet, there are many excellent possibilities waiting for you at Siemens. Just dare to ask - and take a significant step towards a career at Siemens.

  • What are your opportunities?

Siemens is a global market leader in energy, healthcare, industry and infrastructure & cities – in nearly every area of life where technology plays a role, Siemens is there. Our environmental portfolio is the most comprehensive in the world.

We are 360,000 employees, answering the world’s toughest questions every day. And you can join us in doing so – at home or abroad. We offer a wide range of internships and student programs. Gain practical experience in your field of study and build a network with like-minded students and professionals from around the world.

  • Whom are we looking for?

We are always looking for students eager to contribute to our quest for answers to the world’s toughest questions – and to their own future. Dedication, talent and enthusiasm are the prerequisites to become a member of our international team. Good knowledge of the English language is also important, as English is the official language in Siemens.

Academic Backround: The majority of students who join us come from technical, scientific or business related programs. Even if you have a different academic background, as long as the curriculum of your educational institution includes an Internship, we encourage you to apply for an intership published in the published advertisments on your institution's site or directly via Job Search of Siemens.

Encouraging Diversity: We are only interested in attracting the best possible talents, the brightest minds, and people that dare to ask difficult questions and at the same time are eager to find answers to them. No matter what gender, race, religion, or any other characteristic.