Siemens actively supports Greek scientists and medical research in Greece.


11 January 2010

Supporting the participation of all Greek scientists presenting oral research projects at the European Congress of Radiology

Within the framework of European Congress of Radiology (ECR), which is to take place in March 2010 in Vienna, Siemens Greece supports the participation of all Greek scientists presenting oral research projects, as part of the company’s commitment to support medical research in our country. This substantial effort for the benefit of the Health sector in Greece, is being realised in cooperation with the European School of Radiology, the educational initiative of the European Society of Radiology.

This initiative by Siemens aims to support the scientific efforts made by Greek radiologists and by the country’s radiology labs. The annual ECR conference is one of the most internationally renowned conferences in the field of radiology, actively contributing to the formulation of scientific trends and the promotion of innovation in the scientific community.  The conference promotes the exchange of ideas and the adoption of best practices for the benefit of society, since the main interest and the presentations by participants focus mainly on services provided to patients and methods of diagnosis and treatment. "Patients are our first priority. Siemens, the leading company in medical technology worldwide, wishes to place the most advanced technology at the disposal of the Health sector in Greece and to contribute towards the enhancement of scientific training. This is the main motive behind our involvement in this effort", states Dr. Ioannis Panagiotelis, General Manager of Siemens S.A.’s Health Sector.

It is worth noting that 16 Greek scientists-speakers are to participate in this year’s ECR, a fact of great importance since the approval procedure for scientific projects in order to ensure an oral presentation, is particularly strict.  During the past three years, over 60% of submitted projects have been rejected, ensuring that only the best and most innovative ideas are presented at the conference. This fact indicates the dynamic of Greek scientists. It also highlights the need to expand scientific activity in our country, so that it can constitute a development lever and a springboard for the creation of innovations with a direct, positive impact on society.

Recognizing this need, Siemens S.A. supports and encourages the scientific community to continue producing research and publicizing its findings, despite the adverse economic circumstances.

The active support of Greek scientists presenting oral research projects at the European Congress of Radiology, constitutes tangible proof of our company’s commitment to scientific and social advancement. It also highlights the importance of developing a healthy cooperation between the business and scientific communities, in order to deal with the contemporary challenges faced by the Health Sector, among others.

"Siemens wishes to continue supporting this effort in the future too, so that it may enhance not only the participation, but also the projection, accreditation and recognition of even more Greek scientists in the international research arena", said Dr. Panagiotelis and added: "We believe in the skill and potential of Greek scientists in the health sector and elsewhere. They must however be provided with the necessary means so that their potential may be tapped to the max, for the common good".

About Siemens AG

Siemens has had an active presence in Greece for 110 years, holding a leading position in the sectors of Industry, Energy and Healthcare, whilst Siemens IT Solutions and Services which specializes in software, has cross-sector activity offering solutions to all three sectors mentioned above.  Siemens AG is responsible for most of the parent company’s activity in the neighbouring countries of Albania, Cyprus and FYROM. During fiscal year 2009 (October 1st 2008 – September 30th 2009), Siemens’ sales in Greece amounted to approximately €253 million, whilst the overall value of new orders amounted to approximately €235 million.