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Siemens Greece continues its PV activities

01 November 2012

Following the announcement of the parent company regarding the strategic changes in Siemens’s operations in the RES market and the divestment from the solar power sector, Siemens Greece clarifies that its activities in the photovoltaic systems’ market continue normally, without changes.

In order to better inform the public, it is noted that the announcement of the parent company concerns the Energy Sector and specifically the Division that operates in the turnkey projects segment. In Greece, Siemens operates in the photovoltaic market through the Industry Sector, which is responsible for the supply, distribution and promotion of photovoltaic inverters. The abovementioned statement does not bring any change to the structure and organization of the Industry Sector of Siemens Greece, nor – of course – to the service of Greek customers, who have chosen the company’s photovoltaic inverters for their installations.

Finally, it is noted that the activities of Siemens in the Greek photovoltaic inverters market are still supported by the parent company, which focuses on this market as a growth area for Siemens Greece.