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The CEO of Siemens Spain took part in the Global Summit of Women 2012

06 June 2012

Rosa Garcia, CEO of Siemens Spain, took part in a special panel of the “Global Summit of Women 2012” conference, the most significant international economic forum for women, which is hosted in Athens and gets completed on June 2. More than 1,000 women from all over the world – who hold high-ranked positions in the private, public and non-profit sectors – participate in this year’s conference, in order to discuss about the dynamic role and the prospects of women in the global economy.

More specifically, Mrs. Garcia participated in the “CEO Forum: New Strategies for Economic Growth” panel. During the discussion, women that lead large groups and companies presented their views on modern management and the business strategies enterprises can leverage in order to face the challenges of the crisis and achieve the goal of growth.

In her positions, Mrs. Garcia referred to the need for a long-term corporate strategy, which can play a key role for maintaining sustainable competitive advantages and for the future success of an enterprise. In this context, she highlighted the importance of investments in Research & Development procedures and programs, which will respond to the current and emerging trends of the market, playing a catalyst role for the course of a company. In this scope, she referred to the model Siemens itself is leveraging in this area, which is based on the four most significant global trends: demographic change and the increase of life expectancy, climate change, urbanization and globalization.

In addition, she stressed that focus on sustainability can be a vehicle for the recovery of the global economy. Specifically, she noted that sustainability has three dimensions: business, which focuses on value generation in the long-run; social, which concerns the prosperity of the society as a whole; and environmental, which requires an ecological balance through efficiency in the use of raw materials, energy resources and renewable energy sources.

Finally, with her statements for the professions that show potential for young people, she stressed that engineering and science are fields worth pursuing. When explaining her rationale, Mrs. Garcia underlined that these professional sectors will play a really important role in addressing the critical challenges the world is called to face today and in the future.

Rosa Garcia was appointed CEO in Siemens Spain, in October 2011, while she is also a Board Member in Banesto and Bolsas y Mercados Españoles. She has an experience of 25 years in the IT and cutting edge technology sector, having served leading international companies, like NEC and Microsoft, where she held a President position for Iberia for six years.

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