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Siemens donates a modern ultrasound system to “Doctors of the World”

12 April 2012

The Greek branch of the renowned humanitarian aid organization “Doctors of the World” received a new ACUSON X150 ultrasound system as a donation from Siemens, in the context of the global cooperation between Siemens Healthcare and the NGO. As part of this international program, Siemens donated to seven programs of “Doctors of the World” one ACUSON X150 for every fiftieth Siemens Ultrasound system that was sold between October and December 2011.

“Doctors of the World” is involved in 356 medical programs in 78 countries across the world, aiming at providing emergency help, but also at offering long-term support to regions facing significant difficulties. Having recorded the need for ultrasound systems in several regions, “Doctors of the World” and Siemens drafted a list with the programs that should be given priority.

The “Doctors of the World” Open Polyclinics in Attica, which operate as support and healthcare centres, were among the chosen programs. The first Open Polyclinic opened in Athens, in 1997, while the newest one operates in Perama since 2010. These centres offer aid to immigrants, refugees and other vulnerable social groups that face homelessness, discrimination and lack of access to public healthcare services.

It is estimated that approximately 16,000 people per year are being medically and psychologically helped in the Polyclinics of “Doctors of the World” in Attica, something which creates needs that cannot be easily financed by the NGO, especially in the current economic situation. The donation of Siemens’s new ultrasound system is expected to significantly facilitate the organization’s work. At the same time, the company has undertaken the training of the NGO’s doctors that will be using this system.

Besides the Greek branch of “Doctors of the World”, Siemens will assist the organization’s support and healthcare centers in Ukraine, France, Tunisia, Cambodia and England; while the company will also support the “Doctors of the World” training center in Munich, Germany.

More information on the cooperation is available at More information on the programs of “Doctors of the World” around the world is available at 

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