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Siemens upgrades the energy efficiency of the Municipal Swimming Center of Ilioupolis

22 October 2012

Significant environmental and financial benefits for the Municipality and the residents

In today’s coincidence, municipal authorities are facing significant challenges regarding the optimal operation of municipal facilities, the financial efficiency, the proper service of citizens and the modernization of sports infrastructures and social provisions. In this context, Siemens S.A. cooperated with the Municipality of Ilioupolis for the study and the implementation of the necessary technological interventions, in order to upgrade the heat generation and consumption systems of the Municipal Swimming Center. This activation is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Program of Siemens S.A., which is an integral part of the parent company’s efforts in the area of sustainable development.

The energy upgrade of the heating system of Ilioupolis’ swimming center has already brought significant benefits – financial and environmental – to the Municipality and the residents. In the first nine months of the upgraded heating system’s operation (January – September 2012), energy savings reached 609.929 MWh, while the total CO2 emissions were reduced by 120 tons. Indicatively, 47% less power was consumed in May 2012 compared to the same month in 2011. In addition, at an environmental level, the facilities have been upgraded to Energy Class B.

With the energy upgrade, the Municipality of Ilioupolis saved €48,000 during the abovementioned time period, something which proves that similar energy upgrade investments can achieve a return within the first 6-12 months of a new system’s operation. These significant savings are already retributively returned to the Municipality’s residents, through discounts of 20% on the prices of all the programs of the swimming center.

The Swimming Center was using four independent boilers for the heating of its two pools and of the facilities’ auxiliary spaces. Yet, due to the lack of an automatic mechanism for the control of heating generation and consumption, which would be based on the actual demand, all the boilers were operating constantly at maximum power; something which was leading to their stress-out, as well as to an excessive power consumption, which listed the heating system to Energy Class D.

After reviewing the space and its needs and by leveraging the innovative and intelligent solutions of the company’s Infrastructures & Cities Sector, the specialists of Siemens S.A. proposed and implemented improving interventions for the energy upgrade of the Municipal Swimming Center’s heating system. Specifically, changes were made in the boilers’ hydraulic network and the appropriate automation control units SYNCO 700 were installed. The goal of the intervention was to achieve the parallelism of the boilers serving each pool, as well as to secure control over the spaces’ temperature, in counterbalance with external temperature. In addition, a high-precision water heating control system was used for the swimming center’s locker rooms. At the same time, interventions were made in radiators, through the placement of thermostatic heads for independent temperature setting in these spaces.

Moreover, all the heating control systems can operate automatically, based on independent time programs, which are accessible from the maintainer of the facilities; while all the basic measurements, functions and desirable rates can be configured through a central control platform. In addition, the system offers automatic update capabilities through email in case of malfunctions, as well as remote control capabilities through a web server, something which allows the technical services of the Municipality to efficiently manage the system at any time.

Siemens S.A. proves its commitment to operate as a responsible corporate citizen through the Corporate Social Responsibility program it is implementing. With a sense of social and environmental responsibility and with the motivation of offering added value to the society, Siemens S.A. leveraged the innovative solutions of the Infrastructures & Cities Sector, in order to provide better sports conditions to the citizens of Ilioupolis and to save significant resources for the Municipality at a really pressing time period in financial terms, while promoting the responsible consumption of energy in public spaces.

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