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Siemens Greece signed a contract for the development of the first wind farm in FYROM

27 September 2012

Siemens Greece expands its strategic partnerships in the energy sector, adding ELEM, FYROM’s power utility, to its client portfolio. More specifically, the company signed, along with Siemens Wind Power Denmark, a €41.1 million contract for the supply, the installation and the commissioning of 16 SWT-2.3-93 wind turbines. The wind turbines will be installed at FYROM’s first wind farm, in Bogdanci, only 10 kilometres from the Greek border. The total capacity of the wind farm will reach 36.8 MW. 

The project was assigned to Siemens after a long-lasting tender procedure, with a strong focus on compliance and transparency rules applying to State supplies. This agreement is really significant for Siemens Greece, as it makes the company a key player in the efforts for the development of FYROM’s infrastructures. By leveraging the technological excellence of its Energy Sector, the company will implement a comprehensive solution, which sets the standards for the development of power generation through wind power in the neighboring country, as well as for the planning of growth investments that generate added-value in developing markets, in general.

The agreement with ELEM also includes the supply of the necessary medium and low voltage equipment, the foundations for the installation of the wind turbines, as well as the provision of maintenance services for ten years, through a separate contract. The preparatory landscaping works in the wind farm area have begun since late August. The installation of the 16 wind turbines is scheduled to begin in spring 2013, while the works for the turbines’ start of operations and the project’s final delivery are expected to be finished in autumn 2013, within 13 months from the contract’s signing. The beginning of power generation from the Bogdanci wind farm is scheduled for the second half of 2013.

“We are proud for assuming such an important project. This is a significant success for our company, which comes amidst difficult market circumstances. The development of the wind farm in Bogdanci is a milestone for the development of the wind power sector in FYROM. By leveraging Siemens’ leading technology and know-how, we feel confident that we will reciprocate ELEM’s trust. From our side, we will decisively continue with the implementation of significant infrastructure projects, wishing to contribute to the development of the wider South-Eastern Europe region”, said Nikos Κolyvodiakos, General Manager, Energy Sector, Siemens AE.

Siemens’ SWT-2.3-93 wind turbine, with a capacity of 2.3 MW, which will be used in this wind farm, is ideal for sites with moderate average wind speeds and strong vorticity. It is the most proven solution in Siemens’ portfolio with an installed basis of more than 6 GW; and it has been used in both onshore and offshore wind farms, providing excellent credibility and robustness. It features blades with a 93-meter diameter that are manufactured through Siemens’ exclusive method IntegralBlade®, providing for the optimum leveraging of wind power potential under given wind circumstances. The SWT-2.3-93 turbine also features the NetConverter® system, a full-scale frequency converter, which provides seamless interaction with the power grid. In addition, it is equipped with the unique WebWPS SCADA software system, which provides remote control and constant monitoring capabilities through a standard web browser. The software contributes to the wind turbine’s efficient operation, by collecting critical data about its mechanical and electrical parts, the grid connection and the weather conditions.

Finally, it is noted that besides the wind turbines’ supply and installation, the project also includes the development of the necessary infrastructures for the wind farm. This branch of the project was assigned by ELEM to a consortium of Siemens AE and Terna Energy SA, following a similar tender procedure in January 2012, and it is already being implemented.

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