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“Hellenic Cosmos” and Siemens implement the “Sun, Wind, Water: Energy in the Future” program

07 March 2013

Education and awareness for primary and high school students around Renewable Energy Sources and their benefits

“Hellenic Cosmos”, the Cultural Center of the Foundation of the Hellenic World, and Siemens SA cooperate in the organization of the educational program “Sun, Wind, Water: Energy in the Future”, which addresses students aged 9-15 years old.

The program’s goal is to educate and raise the students’ awareness around the principles of sustainable development and the use of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in electric power generation, desalination and other appli-cations, which are useful in everyday life. The program began in the past school year and continues this year as well, until the end of the academic period (June 2013). In school year 2011-2012, more than 2,150 students from 64 schools participated in the program, accompanied by teachers and parents. Until the end of the program, it is estimated that around 6,000 students (from the fourth grade of primary school up to the third grade of high school) will have participated in its sessions, which are taking place in the facilities of the Hellenic Cosmos.

More specifically, the “Sun, Wind, Water: Energy in the Future” program focuses on bringing forth the role of RES in the present and the future, giving emphasis on issues such as: the im-portance of the sun as a power generation source, the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy sources and the need for energy saving and energy efficiency in every-day life. In addition, another goal of the program is to play the role of an incentive for students who are thinking of focusing on science, technology and their practical implementation in the future.

The educational sessions are taking place in small groups of up to 50 participants. Students are encouraged to participate, in an active and team spirit, in interactive exercises and live presentations, PC tests and experiments. At the same time, and as part of the program, tools such as videos, technical facilities’ models, artifacts and a set of energy experiments, which have been developed from Siemens especially for this activation, are being used. Thus, the students learn about the modern technologies which help in the leveraging of “green” power sources, as well as for the solutions that contribute to the protection of the ecological balance and the supply of efficient, clean, power at an affordable cost.

For each age group, a different educational approach is followed, adapted to the students’ interests. At the end of their visit at Hellenic Cosmos, students get printed information material, as well as a special puzzle by Siemens, which focuses on RES. Moreover, teachers get a specially developed educational kit, with rich material that can be used in school or in other relevant extracurricular activities.The educational partnership with the Foundation of the Hellenic World is part of the Corporate Responsibility program of Siemens SA,  based on the company’s strategy and activities, as well as on its vision for the promotion of sustainable development globally. The program fo-cuses in priority on the fields of Education, Environment and Society.

“Our commitment is to operate with a sense of responsibility, undertaking initiatives that create value for our stakeholders. One of the goals of our company’s Corporate Responsibility pro-gram is to raise the awareness of young people around science and technology, as well as to achieve the emergence of issues which are directly related to sustainable development, the improvement of the quality of life and the use of innovative, “green” technologies”, said Mrs. Marie Agaliotou, Director of Corporate Communications, Siemens SA. “Our partnership with the Foundation of the Hellenic World, a leading educational institution, matches exactly these priorities of ours. We are really proud of this effort, as we believe that we are also contributing in educating young people around issues that concern the modern society”, she added.

The “Sun, Wind, Water: Energy in the Future” program, which was developed with the scientific guidance of Siemens’ associates and the company’s sponsorship, gave the educational branch of Hellenic Cosmos the opportunity to touch the issue of energy, as well as to find ways to raise the awareness of children through experimentation and games. The program’s warm welcome and the children’s positive reactions are the best rewards showing optimism for our future”, said Maria Grigoropoulou, Head of the “Hellenic Cosmos” Cultural Center’s Museum Educators Department   -Foundation of the Hellenic World.

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