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Siemens Industry Sector presented Innovative Automation Solutions in Athens and Thessaloniki

15 July 2013

As part of its established meetings, the Siemens Industry Sector organized this year as well, in Athens and Thessaloniki, the events that have become an institutional channel of information for specialized audiences on the latest Industry and Automation developments.

In Athens, on June 12, more than 300 customers and partners attended the event, while the event in Thessaloniki that took place on June 19 attracted more than 270 attendees.

This year’s events focused on the presentation of Totally Integrated Automation Portal (ΤΙΑ PORTAL), the new engineering platform of Siemens for industry automations, and the new Simatic S7-1500 controller sets that are added to PLC Simatic S7-300 and S7-400, enriching the Siemens automation solutions portfolio.

“These events are an important opportunity for all the departments of the Siemens Industry Sector to present their innovations in technologies, equipment and project implementation tools. With the integrated solutions portfolio for a wide range of sectors, Siemens confirms its status as one of the world’s most recognized partners in the fields of industry technologies”, said Konstantin Zois, Director, Industry Sector, Siemens SA. “The massive attendance is a hopeful indication for the interest and the progress of Greek industry regarding automation”.

The attendants had the chance to discuss the Automation and Industry developments with Siemens experts and executives from Greece and the parent company’s HQ. They also had the chance to watch a film thoroughly describing the aforementioned technological systems.

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Mr. Konstantin Zois, Industry Sector Director