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Siemens launches wireless fire detection system

23 May 2013

With its Swing fire detection system (Siemens Wireless Next Generation), the Siemens Building Technologies Division is introducing a wireless fire detection solution which offers a high level of reliability and flexibility. Swing combines a failsafe wireless network with patented ASA technology (Advanced Signal Analysis) to ensure optimal fire detection. The system is especially suitable for use in locations where the wiring of fire detectors is impossible or undesirable.

The Swing system is based on mesh technology, which maximizes communications redundancy and thus matches the security and reliability of a cable-based solution. Within the mesh network, each wireless device communicates with the adjacent devices, which means that at least two redundant paths are available at any time for transmitting information. To further increase reliability, each device has two frequency bands with multiple channels. In the event of a disturbance, the network “repairs” itself by automatically attempting to change channels and/or frequency bands or forward information via an adjacent device. This ensures that all available information always reaches the gateway and ultimately the fire control panel. 

Another benefit of mesh technology becomes apparent when setting up large wireless networks. Since each fire detector communicates with its neighbors, the central gateway no longer has to be in direct radio contact with each detector. Using a single gateway, a network can be installed in a radius of up to 60 meters and over as many as five floors. 

Since no cables are necessary, a Swing fire detection network is fast and easy to install. In addition, any detector can be relocated during operation. To perform configuration and maintenance work, the individual detectors can be accessed from the fire control panel or by remote access. 

Every Swing fire detector has a redundant sensor system with two optical and two heat sensors. Special parameter sets (ASA technology) allow the detector configuration to be optimized for individual environmental conditions. ASA technology interprets the detector signals in real time and adapts the parameter sets dynamically. This makes the Swing fire detectors immune to interferences such as dust, steam or welding fumes, which reliably prevents costly false alarms. Building Technologies offers a Genuine Alarm Guarantee for the system, including financial damage compensation if an alarm is triggered by mistake. 

With maximum flexibility and reliability, Swing is especially suitable for use in locations where fire detector wiring is impossible or undesirable for structural or esthetic reasons. Ideal applications include historic buildings and museums, variable-use industrial buildings and temporary installations in trade shows and exhibitions. The use of wireless technology also makes sense in rooms that are occupied almost continuously, such as hotel rooms or offices, and where only small time windows exist for installation and maintenance. 

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