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The Siemens – IKY (State Scholarships Foundation) Fellowships of Excellence Postgraduate Studies program was announced

31 July 2013

State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) in Greece, announced the launch of ‘Siemens – IKY Fellowships of Excellence’ scholarships program. The Siemens – IKY Fellow-ships of Excellence Postgraduate Studies program is part of the implementation framework of the settlement agreement between Siemens and the Hellenic Republic. One of the most important financing areas foreseen in the Agreement is the area of education and concerns the generation of incentives for young Greek scientists to stay in Greece.

The program provides young scientists the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and research through first and second Circle postgraduate studies (Masters, PhDs) and postdoctoral research in Greece, thus creating for them perspectives for a better future. In the program’s framework, for 5 years, 100 young scientists each year will have the opportunity to win scholarships for studies in the fields of Energy, Industry, Healthcare and Infrastructures & Urban development. The scholarships will fully cover living and other necessary expenses aiming at supporting these young people in their educational and research effort. 

The first scholarships in the fields of Energy, Industry, Healthcare as well as Infrastructures and Urban Development have already been announced. Specifically, 100 scholarships for four-year PhD studies as well as 50 scholarships for Masters and 50 scholarships for postdoctoral research have been uploaded on the Foundation’s official website.

Following the announcement of the program’s launch, Mr. Panos Xynis, CEO, Siemens Greece, stated: “We are very happy with the signing of the “Siemens – IKY Fellowships of Excellence” program which provides us the opportunity to support the young men and women, with excellent performance, stay in our country, offering a new perspective to the Greek scientists to complete their education, their scientific and research projects in the country’s leading educational institutes.”

Siemens seeks the answers to the most difficult challenges in the fields of innovative technologies. Through the program, Siemens believes it provides a new perspective to Greek scientists and creates the conditions in order for them to be more easily absorbed by the Greek market, producing work and providing answers to critical fields for the country’s growth.

All information available and further details of the program are being announced on the official site of IKY: 

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